Hello! I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about why I created IMC Professional Driver Services. I’m a proud U.S. Army Veteran, father, marketing professional and music enthusiast. I grew up with a hard working career Class A truck driver for a father. He put in over 40 years as a driver, working for a number of companies; small and large, national and local. Eventually he was forced off the road and into retirement by advancing age.

Despite his many long and hard years on the road, and all the heartbreaking goodbyes for weeks at a time, my dad retired with nothing to show for all his years of hard work except for a serious case of hearing loss and a meager social security check. That’s why I started our Professional Driver Services. I want to look out for today’s professional drivers to make sure they’re building toward something over the long-haul. And frankly, I don’t trust anyone else with the job. It’s too important!

I want to help drivers make sure they’re always taking good quality jobs with reputable carriers that have good pay and benefits packages. I want to help ensure that YOU are constantly building toward the career and retirement that you want and deserve for yourself and your loved ones, without having to live on the road forever to get there! If you’re looking to build a better truck driving career, then don’t hesitate; call us today and put our hard working team into action. We have operators standing by right now ready to help!