STEP 1: Once you receive the JB Hunt application number from the IMC Admin, call the driver and ask them to stay by their phone for the next 10-15 minutes to wait for a phone call from one of the JB Hunt onboarders. You may tell them that this number will show up as a toll-free number, so they know to take the call.

STEP 2: Call into a JB Hunt Onboarding Specialist. (Be sure to take note of the Onboarder’s name) Give the Onboarders the applicant’s information (Name, Phone Number and
Application Number). Stay on the line as the Onboarders gives the applicant a call. Tell the Onboarders that you would like to do a “warm handoff” and ask them to conference you back into the call once they have your applicant.

STEP 3: Once the Onboarders brings you back on the line with your applicant then follow the script below to introduce your candidate to the Onboarders and ensure they are confident in the hiring process.

We have seen a rise in retaining drivers scheduled by recruiters when they follow this procedure and would like for you to benefit from it as well.

“Hey [driver’s name], I have [OS name] on the line with me. They are going to help get you scheduled for [position driver is applying for] with the [high points of job description]. [OS name], [driver’s name] said they could take the drug test on [DTA date] and start on [potential start date]. [Driver’s name], before you get started with us, [OS name] is going to help you with your orientation videos and get your drug tests set up for you. Then, when you get through your employment and safety history with [OS name], they are going to send your application to our Background group so they can verify your experience and order some reports. I’ll make sure to give you a follow up call tomorrow at [available time]. Don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything, [driver’s name]!”


If you choose not to use the above script be sure to cover the following during the handoff:

  • High points of a job description
  • Yearly/Weekly gross
  • Any bonus offered
  • Shift/Time off
  • Required Endorsements (IF they do not have it)
  • Hot Button (This is the reason the driver is taking the position. i.e., they are needing more home time, better pay, better benefits, no touch freight, etc. Onboarders will reiterate this as they stay in touch with them through the onboarding process.)
  • Mention possible drug test availability & start date

Scheduling Number for Company Drivers: 866-518-5331
Scheduling Number for Owner Operators: 855-345-5218

Once the handoff is finished, add a note in the Driver Management with the following:

  • Name of the JB Hunt Onboarding Specialist
  • Date and Time of handoff call