National Carriers is NOT accepting TRAINEES with ANY criminal history at this time.

The following table is general carrier info. Pay attention to the qualifications listed in red at the top of this page for this job’s specific qualifications/requirements

Minimum AgeAt least 21 years of age
Minimum Experience (tractor Trailer/OTR)TRAINEES
MUST possess a CDL and have completion of at least 120 hour school in the past 6 months with NO carrier between school and applying with NCI.
-Good safety record – no preventable accidents or moving violations
-Good work record – no long term unemployment and no job hoppers. As a rule, we will work with any student who has 6 or less jobs in last 3 years
-NO Criminal history or drug or alcohol violations
-Not currently under contract to any carrier
-Good attitude. They won’t work with anyone who is making demands on the front end
-Reasonable expectations – They get a lot of these folks thinking they are going to make $2k a week. Not feasible
* See the Trainee tab on the information sheet for details
1 year OTR experience in the last 3 years
6 months experience in the last year is acceptable, but must include completion of a student training program either at any carrier having a known, structured, driving program of at least 120 hours or a certified truck driving school. Requires Certificate of completion OR Contract if subsidized by other carrier.
* Local experience does not count
* Applicant must be able to read and   speak the English language fluently enough to converse with the general public , understand highway traffic signs and signals, respond to official inquiries and make Entries on reports and records.
* Driver cannot be under contract with another carrier.
Moving Violations (max in 3 year period)No more than three (3) non-serious moving violations within the past year
No more than three (3) violations with the past three (3) years
Policy on License suspensionsNone in the past 3 years if related to DUI, DWI or any accident or moving violation
Suspensions for Child Support or lack of liability insurance OK as long as Driver has proof the issue has been corrected
DOT Recordable AccidentsNo more than three (3) preventable, non-reportable accidents within the past three (3) years
Incidents (max in 3 year period)No more than 3 in the last 3 years
Ticket / Accident / Incident ComboNo more than 3 minor moving violations PLUS 3 minor accidents within the last 3 years.
All incidents on DAC and PSP are counted
Maximum Major Moving Violation (in the last 3 years)None
Major Moving Violations- that are automatic DQ’sNo serious moving violations in the past three (3) years, such as:
Violations for reckless or careless driving
Violations for hit and run             
Violations for leaving the scene of an accident
Violations for speeding in excess of fifteen (15) mph over the posted speed limit
License suspension or revocation from any state for a driving violation
A reportable, preventable accident
Max. Number of Jobs- in the last 3 yearsNo more than 6 jobs in the past 3 years
No more than 2 jobs in the past year
Policy Against Unemployment- even if it is accounted forMust have documentation to account for all gaps exceeding 180 days
Driver declaration OK for anything less than 180 days
Terminated ApplicantsCase by case
* No terms for safety
Felony Convictions – How old must they be?
Based off the conviction date? What are the “silver bullets”?
All case-by case but generally no violent in the past 10 years and no sexual in a lifetime
No drug or alcohol conviction in the past 5 years
No drug or alcohol convictions involving a CMV lifetime
All probation etc (Off Paper) needs to be more than 5 years
* Go by conviction date
Misdemeanors- How old must they be?
Automatic DQ’s?
No sexual in a lifetime
No drug or alcohol conviction in the past 5 years
All probation etc (Off Paper) needs to be more than 5 years
* Go by conviction date
DUI/DWI- What is the max number and what
time frames do they need to fall outside of?
None in the past 5 years
No more than 1 in a lifetime
A failed alcohol/drug test is a lifetime DQ
* Go by conviction date
Is Haz-Mat Required? Is there a grace period for
driver to obtain it?
Hazmat is not required, but preferred
They will pay for any costs related to acquiring
Reimbursed for Haz-Mat?

Yes, once driver is hired
Haz-Mat Pay Info

$50.00 extra per load
Other Endorsements RequiredTWIC is required
They will pay for any costs related to acquiring
They will help the Driver get it
DOT Physical RequirementsThey will accept a current card as long as it has > 6 months remaining before expiration. If not, driver MUST have DOT Physical by NCI at Orientation.
Drug ScreeningUrine


Sign On BonusNone at this time
Driver TypesStudent Trainee / Must have valid CDL
Company Solo
Company Team
Dedicated (based on domicile)
Types of RunsOTR
Regional, Dedicated
Type of FreightRefrigerated
Type of Equipment2019-2021 Kenworth T-680’s
Currently have a fleet of over 800 trucks
All Trucks equipped with APU’s, refrigerators, Blue tooth and double bunks
* Cameras – Front facing event only
Transmission TypeAutomatics
Average age of tractor0-3 years old
Is truck permanently assigned to the driver?Yes, no slip seating
Truck Speed68 MPH
Can truck be taken home for time off?Yes
Is truck equipped with Invertors / APU’s?Yes
ThermoKing APU
2500 watt invertor
% of Drop and Hook50%
% of No Touch100%
% are Haz-Mat Loads 10%
Trainee Pay Scale (Students)While completing on road training, student drivers will be paid $100 per day. Up to $700 per week. Student must be on truck and available to work in order to be compensated.
Pay Scale (Solo)  $.50 CPM per mile on ALL dispatched miles (loaded or unloaded) PLUS $.03 CPM average accessorial pay PLUS $.04 CPM bonus potential. Bonus is paid quarterly. Totals up to $.57 CPM to start. Plus $.01 CPM increase at 6 months, 12 months, then at the 2,3,5, and 7 year anniversaries.
Pay Scale (Team) $.58 per mile split + $.03 CPM average accessorial pay PLUS $.04 CPM bonus potential. Bonus is paid quarterly. Totals up to $.65 CPM. Plus $.02 CPM increase at 6 months, 12 months, then at the 2,3,5, and 7 year anniversaries.
Type of Driver Pay  Household Mover Guide
When are drivers paid?  Company Drivers and Students are paid every Friday
How are drivers paid?Direct Deposit
Pay Increase6 & 12 month anniversary, then at 2,3,5 and 7 year anniversaries
Primary Running AreasOTR – ALL LOWER 48 STATES
Average Miles per wk. OTR: 2600-2800 miles per week
Regional: 2200 – 2400 miles per week
Team: 4500 – 5000 miles per week
Average Length of Haul  OTR: 750 miles
Regional: 400 miles
Home Time / Days Out 1 day off for every 6 days out (up to a maximum of 4 days)
OTR: Out 3-4 weeks
Regional: Out 10-14 days
Dedicated – through the house weekly, 2 days off every 10-14 days
Average Weekly Pay  $1200.00 – $1400.00 + Gross Earnings per Week Average
Regional Drivers will run fewer miles but have a higher assessorial due to more multi-stop loads.
OTR Drivers will have higher miles and fewer stops.
Driver Vacation Info  After 1 year of service, the Driver is eligible for 5 days of paid vacation
After 5 years of service, the driver is eligible for 10 days of paid vacation and is eligible to take a pay-out option place of the actual time off
How is Driver Vacation Calculated?Tenure
Paid based on 52 week average earnings
EZ Pass providedYes
Pre-Pass ProvidedYes
Toll Cards Provided (Which toll cards?)All tolls paid for company drivers
Type of Fuel CardCom Data
Layover Pay$10.00 per hour, not to exceed $50.00 for 24 hours
Dock Detention PayStarts after 2 hours;
$10.00 per hour after 2 hours, paid automatically IF driver arrives at or prior to scheduled pick-up delivery time
Multi-Stop Pay$20.00 per stop, excluding first and last stop
New York CityN/A
Safety Bonus$50 for clean Level 3 road side inspection
Rider Policy Yes;
Starts day 1
$130.00 per year
Year runs February-January (Must renew each year)
Must be over 5 years old
Pet PolicyYes;
Pets under 40 lbs
Dogs only, no Cats
$500.00 per pet (Non-Refundable)
Can pay $100.00 per week until paid in full
Is there 24 hour dispatch?Yes: 24/7
Does driver have routing / fuel stop flexibility?Routing and fuel solution are mandatory
Qualcomm ProvidedOBC is through Blue Tree
Idle Air PolicyTractors with APU goal 10%
Max. Idle Air %APU – <10%
Is per diem optional?Yes
Insurance Starts When?After 90 days of employment
Single Non Smoking Cost per week$40.00 per week
Family Non Smoking Cost per week$110.00 per week
Single Smoking Cost per week$50.00 per week
Family Smoking Cost per week$120.00 per week
Vision InsuranceIncluded in weekly cost above
Life Insurance$25k Policy
Employee Only: $2 per week.
Employee + Spouse ($10k) + Children ($5k) = $3 per week
 $50k Policy
Employee Only: $4 per week.
Employee + Spouse ($10k) + Children ($5k) = $5 per week
 $100k Policy 
Employee Only: $8 per week.
Employee + Spouse ($10k) + Children ($5k) = $9 per week
401 (k) Retirement PlanEligible after 1 year of employment
NCI matches up to $.25 of each dollar contributed (up to 3%)



“Orientation is in Irving, TX, and lasts for 3 days. It typically starts on Mondays, but can start as late as Wednesday of each week, and completed by Friday. Orientation pay is $250 for the three days.

“Single room lodging is provided at:

IRVING, TX 75062

“Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided. Air travel is also provided at no cost to you. A rental car can be provided in lieu of air fare.”